Community Involvement


BigHouse Foundation is a non profit ministry in Lee County Alabama that meets the needs and improves the quality of life for children in foster care. BigHouse provides physical and emotional support for the entire foster family through monthly respite events, support groups, a well stocked clothes closet.

Our House

Our House, adjacent to Auburn Public Housing apartments, is open after-school for students in the neighborhood to come for a healthy snack and help with their homework. Our House includes a study room complete with computers and Internet access and a well-stocked library with books.

Mercy Medical Clinic

Mercy Medical provides primary care to residents of Lee County, Alabama who do not have medical insurance, Medicare, Medicaid (ALLKids), or VA Benefits. They also work to find affordable medications by utilizing Patient Assistance Programs from drug companies and other groups that make medicine more affordable.

Humane Society

Lee County Humane Society

Advancing humane treatment and responsible ownership of companion animals through community education, animal sheltering and adoption, and alleviation of animal suffering.

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My Jerusalem

A project by The Way 2 Serve Ministries sharing the love of Jesus in practical ways by providing opportunities to serve by doing home repair projects that lead to forming and building relationships with those they help.

Storybook Farm

Storybook Farm’s mission is to walk alongside children with uncertain futures and provide them with unyielding joy and hope.

It is a place for healing, sharing, learning and growing; where children experience the exhilaration of riding; where families come together to support one another; where volunteers find a profound sense of purpose; and where a community finds its collective spirit.

They are all essential to the life that has become Storybook.